Kayaks in the rocky bay


WHO WE ARE? — OutdoorsterLV

With so many people looking to enjoy a day in the natural lake we have here in Las Vegas, we wonder how to provide a whole different level of experience to people in a completely clear bottom kayak.

OutdoorsterLV is a fully licensed tour company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our clearview bottom kayaks differentiate us from other operators. Our clearview bottom kayaks are built using top-grade materials with state of the art design and are appropriate for any skill level. In addition, all of our guides are bilingual and hold various certifications — WFA, CPR, FIRST AID, etc.

As we continue to expand, we are always looking for fun and exciting new places to offer guests our premium experiences. We’re looking forward to providing unforgettable memories to all of our guests. Life’s too short to not just get up, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience!

OutdoorsterLV is committed to sharing unique outdoor adventures with you. Join us and experience a different side of Las Vegas and beyond.


Why is our ClearView Bottom KAYAKING TOUR unique?

If you’re into outdoor water activities, you may have already tried kayaking. Whether you do it as a sport or just as a recreational activity, kayaking is a great way for you to enjoy the water and get some exercise as well.

If you’d like to add a new dimension to your paddling experience, it’s about time to try clear bottom kayaking. Clear Bottom kayaking involves the use of clear bottom kayaks, and it is becoming increasingly popular for many different reasons.

A clear bottom kayak allows you to see everything that’s beneath you, which is a truly exciting and amazing experience to have. This is especially beneficial while exploring the Colorado River which has very green water and great visibility.

From a mental standpoint, clear bottom kayaking can benefit your mental stability. It is no secret that connecting with nature is a great way to pull yourself out of your head, clear bottom your mind, and gather a broader perspective on life and the role you play in your life.


What is our ClearView Bottom KAYAK made of?

They are made from 6 millimeter Lexan polycarbonate, which is a type of plastic that is naturally transparent. It’s also very durable, with a high level of impact resistance. It features a clear polycarbonate hull for all around visibility below the surface of the water and has a corrosion resistant aluminum frame.

There are some incredible accessories:

  • High visibility flotation safety pouch
  • Handy rear storage pocket
  • Fully adjustable, quick-dry ergonomic seats
  • Marine grade brass spring clips
  • Corrosion resistant, adjustable skeg