Are dogs allowed to kayak with us?

Yes, we allow all dogs to join the excursion. Any animal under 15lbs is free of charge, but for the comfort of animals above 15lbs we ask you to purchase a separate seat for them. You are required to bring a water bowl and a life jacket for your furbabies. 

What’s the age cut-off for kids?

Our cut off is 4 years old, all children (and accompanying guests) will receive a life jacket upon arrival. We normally recommend children under the age of 13 to sit in a tandem with an adult, as they might get tired when paddling for a longer period of time.

Are we allowed to bring our own snacks?

Absolutely! You’re more than welcome to bring your own snacks, drinks, lunch, etc. As long as you’re able to carry it with you. There’s also a general market about 4 minutes walking distance from the meet-up spot, where you’ll be able to purchase additional snacks and drinks.

Do you guys have special snacks for people with allergies?

Unfortunately not, you’ll have to bring your own snacks, as we currently only provide goldfish crackers, lay chips, and unlimited ice water.

What should we wear?

Anything you think you’ll be the most comfortable in! We do recommend water shoes with some traction on the bottom as there is a short 5-minute hike. A swimsuit or anything you’re okay with getting wet is fine. If you burn a bit easier from the sun and must over up, athletic gear is the way to go. The material athletic wear is made from dries extremely quickly and is a bit lighter when wet compared to standard clothing.

How long is the excursion?

You’ll be spending about 4 hours on the water. The excursion is 2.2 miles to the cove, with breakpoints in between for swimming, hiking, and pictures. Then it’s 2.2 miles back to the shore! 

What time does the excursion start?

Our excursions start at 10 AM, if you’re meeting us there, you’ll need to be there at 9:30 AM. If you’re being picked up by us, you’ll need to be at your designated spot at 8 AM. Our starting time is subject to change, so please overview the text message/email your tour guide will send you the night before your booked date, as that will have the confirmed start time we’ll need you at your designated spots. 

If we’re round trip, what time will we be back on the strip?

You should be back no later than 4 PM. 

There’s no more space on groupon, can I book with you?

Of course, you can, Groupon has limited capacity seating, but I can always honor the Groupon price and offer you a seat at $80.00 (ONLY if they mention Groupon.)

How can I receive the photos that were taken on the trip?

You’ll have to reach out to your tour guide, personally, as they would have them on their phones. We can provide you with their number. 

If we’re currently handicapped (i.e crutches, leg issues) would we still be able to enjoy the excursion?

Absolutely. I’d pair you up with our tour guide, and he’d be able to help assist you with paddling and overall satisfaction. If for some reason you’re unable to physically get into the kayak, and are unable to proceed with the excursion due to physical limitations, we would honor a refund for your ticket alone.

Do I have to be with a guide, or do you guys rent kayaks?

You don’t necessarily need to go on the excursion, as we do offer kayak rentals by appointment only. It’s $20 per hour and a minimum of 4 hours. Kayak pickup happens between 9 AM and 10 AM. We’ll need our kayaks back onto the shore with our guides no later than 2 PM. 

I know the water levels are currently low, does that affect the excursion at all?

Not at all! The Colorado river looks amazing at the moment, and the low levels at lake mead haven’t affected our excursions at all. 

How will I know where to go, what time to go, or whether or not my booking is confirmed?

Your tour guide will reach out a night before your excursion with your confirmed start time, meeting point, and some bits of information. If you’re unsure whether or not your booking has been confirmed, reach out to the office anytime between 9 AM-5 PM, and customer service will be able to confirm your booking for you. If you’ve received an email with your booking details (i.e booking date, confirmation number, etc.) then you have already been confirmed electronically. 

How far is the meet up spot from the Las Vegas Strip?

It’s about an hour/hour and a half from the strip. Roughly 55 miles. 

What's the address to the meet up spot?

The address is 25804 N Willow Beach, White Hills, AZ. The address will also be outlined in the text message that will be sent to you via your tour guide a night before your excursion. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Any changes, cancellations, and no-shows within 48 hours are non-refundable. Anybody late is considered a no-show, and can reschedule for a $20 per person fee, but will not be refunded. We do honor refunds for any injuries and medical emergencies, the client MUST provide proof of medical emergency for their refund. A medical note from a doctor would suffice, but we would need to confirm it’s a real note by calling the doctor. We would only refund the injured person. (i.e if a party of 5 didn’t show up because 1 person needed to go to the hospital, we would issue a partial refund for the one ticket)